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"Hair Accessories : Hair Beads :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
8110-8903 Hair Beads-Medium Size-Large Pack-Clear-#ZQ8903
15.00 dz
8110-8904 Hair Beads-Medium SIZE-Large Pack--Black-#ZQ8904
15.00 dz
  8113-9999 Please use "Beauty Supply" "Hair Bead" catagory
We have excellent selection.
0.00 info
8130-1710014 Beads-Wood w/ Chinese Letter-Dark Brown-#38402
Click on the image for larger view
3.95 dz
8130-1710015 Beads-Wood w/ Chinese Letter-Black-#38401
Click on the image for larger view
3.95 dz
8130-1808019 Hair Beads-Wood-Plain-Color Asst.-#KNV-1272R
Click on the image for larger view
6.50 dz
8911-001 Quick Beader - Hair Bead Connector - #1561 #TBRBD #BR98230
Easier than ever !! - Direction to use 1. String beads onto the quick beader 2. Place 1" of hair through the opening of the quick beader 3. Pull the quick beader through the beads
3.95 dz

7 items found: Page [ 1 ] Instagram